Escape game The Tavern

Company: Funscape Polis

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5.0 / 5

2 reviews


Vasileous Stasioikou A7 Prodromi, 8854 Polis ()

+357 96332778

At the traffic light in Polis next to Glykis DIY shop

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Mr. Ouzo, his wife, Mrs. Zivania and their daughter, Miss Commandaria run the best tavern in the city. Mr. Ouzo is also the most respected Domino player and has not lost a game for decades.

To celebrate his birthday, Mr. Ouzo organizes the biggest DOMINO game ever in the city and whoever wins against him, wins the prize. But nobody knows what the prize is!

Your job is to try to keep Mrs. Zivania and Miss Commandaria busy (thus not being able to help their father at the game) and beat Mr. Ouzo at his own game to win the prize everybody is speaking about!

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