Escape game The Museum Job

Company: Trapped In Limassol - Escape Rooms

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Georgiou Gennadiou 34 A&B Agoras Square 3041 Limassol ()

+357 25100044; +357 95515002

Next to Public Parking Lot

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You are called to take your final test to become an official member of the famous thieve Gasbar LeMarque’s team. Your thief has appointed you to steal 2 precious Faberge Eggs which are located in the Modern Art section of the Museum. To make the challenge even more interesting, LeMarque broke into the room before you and placed clues and riddles for you to solve. Thus, testing not only your abilities as a thief but…your way of thinking. You have 60 minutes before the security guards will pass for their standard check of the area. Will you be able to successfully accomplish your mission and prove that you have what it takes to be on LeMarque’s team?

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