Escape game Detective 2: Save the Pope!

Company: Escape the Room

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


Theokritou 3AB, Nicosia 1060 ()

(+357)22 43 33 53

By Bus:<br> Routes: 140, 148, 150 and 259;<br><br> By Car:<br> from Eleftheria Square: 1 minute<br> from Solomou Square: 2 minutes<br><br> Walking Distance:<br> from Eleftheria Square: 1km<br> from Old town:1km

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The Pope is visiting Cyprus for two days but an assassin is out to get him. The detective has been kidnapped so it is up to you to continue his investigation and to uncover the culprit, the weapon, the location and the getaway vehicle and warn the police before it is too late!

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